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AI Marketing – Reviews and overviews of MarketBot (Bonus 5% on each deposit)

Feedback on AI Marketing

AI Marketing is a non-standard project that offers users earnings from advertising and returns from cashback services. The fund does not resemble traditional HYIPs and looks like a platform with great opportunities, as it offers to earn in many areas at once.

This includes traditional passive investments as well as two partnership programmes, one of which offers multilevel career development. In addition, there is the possibility of receiving cashback on both online and offline purchases, and in this respect the fund’s legend is perfectly designed.

AI Marketing’s idea is unique in its own way, as there has probably never been such a thorough implementation of a cashback investment before. Users are offered to pay for advertisements and receive their income in the form of cashback from the purchases of the clients they have attracted. In your personal account you can view in detail in which stores the attracted client spent what amounts, and what profit you are entitled to from that.

The launch date of the site is unknown, but the information on the Internet has been observed since March 2020. Reviews of AI Marketing on the blogs of HYIP topics are completely absent, nevertheless there is a steady development on YouTube-channels and among networkers.

You can hear a lot of positive feedback about the project, demonstration of personal accounts, where you can see the amount of withdrawal and a quick return on investment. Large MLM-leaders are already earning tens of thousands of dollars in AI Marketing, while the development of the fund has not yet entered an active phase and among the HYIPs about the fund is practically not known.

Company info

AI Marketing was officially registered in Hong Kong in 2017 with permission to operate in the field of artificial intelligence, scientific research and internet marketing. According to its website, the company has developed a global trend analysis system called Global Product Analysis and Promotion, which is effectively applied to promote popular products.

It is based on artificial intelligence, which selects key trends gaining popularity on the Internet with reference to a specific region.

How to earn on robot MarketBot?

The opportunity to receive passive income in the project provides MarketBot, which will perform all necessary actions for the investor, and we only have to receive profit. Earnings from advertising will be launched automatically as soon as your advertising balance is 10$ or more. Profit will be credited to the cashback balance, from which you can withdraw.

The project website does not specify exactly how long your investment will work and bring the money – the money will be gradually spent to pay for advertising, as soon as they will run out, the purchase of advertising will be stopped.

According to statistics, the minimum rate of return will be from 35% per month (however, there are no restrictions, it can be 100% and above). The term of work of your investment in fact is from 19 to 83 days.

Submit your receipt from the store and get 1.5% cashback!

An interesting area for earning from AI Marketing is earning cashback on offline purchases. The project offers users to earn 1.5% of the amount of purchases in offline stores from the catalogue, all they need to do is scan and provide their receipt.

The function is available in your personal cabinet after you register in the “Offline shopping” section, you must first specify in this section the last 4 digits of your bank card with which you will be making purchases. After that you can make purchases and upload the receipts received, and after the moderation procedure you will be credited with the promised profit.

And there’s also an increased cashback on online purchases

The service supports more than 20,000 different online stores where you can receive cashback. All you need to do is find the store you want in theOnline shoppingsection, then you will be prompted to go to the store’s website and create a new account there.

A few days after making the purchase, it will appear in the “Sales” section and your balance will be credited with a cashback.

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